Installing a screened in patio is such a great idea if you want to experience the beauty of the outdoors without straying too far from the comfort of the indoors. Think of it as enjoying the best of both worlds. However, installing patios isn’t as simple as it seems.

There are many reasons why you want to install a screened in patio and if you were to list them all, that list would be endless. But essentially, you get to enjoy the warm sun and the breezy evening without worrying about the elements, pests, or even your pesky neighbors.

What You Need to Get Started

If you think you’re ready to get the installation project going, then the first thing that you have to determine is the budget that you have for it. The project is going to cost you some but if you’re a bit home improvement savvy, then you don’t have to pay for labor as much. If you can get some family members and friends to help you out, that would lead you to great discounts.

Once the budget is set, the next thing to do is make a plan. Assess the situation and determine if you’re starting from scratch or not. Is there already a framework for the patio? If so, then the project has just gotten a lot simpler. You only have to install the screen and the fans, and you’re good to go.

Tips in Installing Screened in Patios

But then again, these things are easier said than done. Below are more tips that would prepare you for the project and lead you to the best possible results. Sometimes, you have to do more than what you think is needed.

1. Replace old railings.

If the railings of your existing patio are quite old, replace them right away. You don’t want the structure of be unstable after some time. If you don’t have one installed yet, the one with a cross bracing is the best choice as it provides the much-needed structural support.

2. Seal Up the floor and ceiling

Even if your patio has a roof or is covered by the upper floor of your home, you still have to install a ceiling for and added layer of protection. It’s also easier to seal the patio with it. Sealing the floor and ceiling is necessary to keep pests and all the elements away.

3. Install everything else

Since this is a screened in patio, you have to choose a screen system of high quality. Check out your options from the store or go for the one that the experts highly recommend. The other furnishings that you have to consider installing are lights and fans. You surely want to add some choice patio furniture inside so you can go ahead and relax as much as you want.

All home remodeling projects offers a certain level of challenge, and building a screened in patio is no exception. But with these tips to guide you and a professional to help you out, you should be able to finish the project in a satisfactory manner.